Personal Loans 2019 for Singaporeans and Foreigners at Low Interest Rates

As the global uncertainties continue hampering the country’s growth, it has become even harder for household owners to access an easy personal loan. Banks are even more stringent and people with poor credit scores are finding it harder to access credit. This comes against a backdrop of increasing financial needs in these uncertain economic conditions.

What can you do to get a quick personal loan in 2019? Look for Golden Credit Today.

At Golden Credit, we are committed to providing easily accessible credit to all customers without any bias. We appreciate that emergencies can arise any time and our customized loan Singapore packagesare designed to offset short-term monetary needs. We understand that urgent financial needs can occur in the middle of the month when payday is a week or two away. We are one of the top licensed moneylenders with years of experience in the financial industry, making us one of the best alternative to traditional banks. Our team of financial advisors is always ready to provide clients with information that will help them make the right decisions.

Golden Credit Low Interest Personal Loans for Bad Credit in 2019

We understand that every individual has unique needs and for this reason, we don’t offer a one-fits-all personal package. Our team works with every client to design a loan package that fully fits their needs. Having bad credit and afraid that you do not qualify? Not to worry. At 
Golden Credit, our customers come first and we will always provide flexible services that will meet your needs.

Our personal loan products can be adapted to any unique short-term financial needs our customers have and we promise to exceed your expectations. With our personal loan, you can meet any type of short-term financial needs be it renovations, school fees, medical emergencies or any other pressing financial need.

Our loan products can up to $120,000 or more depending on your monthly income. Your loan assistant will help explain how much you can borrow comfortably.

We are committed to making our personal loans easily accessible. We promise to offer fast cash services once your loan has been approved and you can receive the money on the spot. Our online application form now makes it even easier for customers to access their loans. You just need to come down to our office, sign the loan agreement and get your cash.

Why ChooseGolden Credit Personal Loans?

Some reasons that we are the best in the industry:

  • Flexible repayment: We have a team of loan assistants to work with our clients in determining the best loan products. Our financial advisors will look at your income and advise accordingly. Our promise is to give a loan package that you can easily pay. If you have problems repaying the loan, call us today and we will come up with an alternative repayment schedule.
  • Fast loans: When you bring along all the required documents, once your loan is approved and loan agreement signed, there are no delays in providing you the cash. You get your money fast because we believe in efficient services.
  • Confidential services: At 
    Golden Credit we guarantee to protect your privacy and our database is fully secured. We keep all your personal details in our possession under total protection throughout.
  • No hidden charges: At Golden Credit, we are guided by trust and integrity and we are transparent in our agreement with no hidden charges. Our loan assistant will explain every payment detail to you so that you have the confidence to sign the loan contract. Our goal is to make our clients happy and we do this by being forthright.
  • Customized packages: We understand financial emergencies vary and our loan assistant will work with you to customize your personal loan package.
  • Easy loan application and processing: Our online application form is simple and our aim is to offer you the cash to enable you to sort your emergency as fast as possible.